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Solutions for optimizing retail and e-commerce fulfillment

As a retailer in today’s market, you cater to consumers across a variety of channels. Whether they’re shopping in-store, on their desktop or through a mobile app, your challenge is to provide a seamless and integrated customer experience.

Supply chain solutions that leading retailers trust
FedEx Supply Chain has the expertise needed to help you meet customer expectations in any channel. Our solutions enable inventory visibility and support fast shipping options and easy returns processes that consumers expect. This helps retailers like you provide the customization, visibility and control that turns first-time buyers into loyal customers.

Commerce enablement
Attracting a new customer costs five to 25 times as much as retaining one — depending on the industry — so customer satisfaction is key to profitable growth.1 Retain customers with quick, accurate order fulfillment and easy returns. Our innovative software solutions and integrated approach to retail logistics and supply chain management will help drive repeat buyers.

Increase inventory visibility, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by implementing warehousing best practices, automation and a dedicated software system that applies technology specifically configured to manage orders of any size.

Supply chain solutions
The same opportunities that differentiate your business also make it more complex. Your customers want fast direct-to-consumer and direct-to-store shipping options, and the choice to return products anywhere. And you want to provide the kind of service that will build customer loyalty with your store or shopping site.

A centralized, scalable solution that manages your inventory across channels and maintains flexibility at peak enables you to cater to your customers. FedEx Supply Chain tailors solutions to specifically fit the needs of product types and end consumers. Our logistics experts help you:


  • Strategically manage your omnichannel supply chain
    Build a better strategy to optimize your omnichannel operations, enable on-time delivery and effectively process customer returns.
  • Optimize inventory within your network
    Determine the most efficient inventory allocation for your network with our expert analysis of your facility locations and transportation providers.
  • Drive operational excellence
    Enhance warehouse efficiencies when we implement top-tier warehouse management systems, advanced technologies and a data-driven approach to continuous improvement.
  • Personalize kitting and order fulfillment
    Cultivate a great customer experience with an exceptional unboxing experience when you use our value-added services, such as gift wrapping, customized kit assembly, and combining collateral or complementary products.



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