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About SCM Portal ...

SCM Portal is an independent and international content marketing platform dedicated to all practitioners and professionals involved in Demand & Supply Chain Management aimed at offering them the most relevant and up-to-date information on Demand & Supply Chain in a systemic and organic way.

SCM Portal Conceptual Framework is based on the SCOR Model (TM) - developed by the Supply Chain Council - which identifies five areas of reference (Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return).

SCM Portal is structured in Country Platforms and Content Areas of professional interest. In order to facilitate users getting the most appropriate information (according to their actual role inside their company) each document has been assigned one of the following labels:

Supply Chain IN

"Supply Chain IN" is the multimedia discussion board open to all practitioners and professionals interested in discussing supply-chain issues and innovation. The discussion board is managed by the Supply Chain INNOVATION Hub.

Please note that:
  • inside "Supply Chain IN" only discussions are allowed. Any promotional activity has to be published into SCM Portal
  • each upper level can see and participate in any activity of any lower level. That means that you do not need to be in any upper level to have the entire community informed and involved in your discussions.
  • webinars (paid service) can be called only on active discussions by the leader of the discussion in order to engage participants into a further and intense debate

Supply Chain INNOVATION Hub

Supply Chain INNOVATION Hub is the Hub of SCM Portal organized by supply-chain practitioners for supply-chain practitioners, based on the "primus inter pares" approach.

The Hub's aim is to analyze and study innovation inside supply-chains, in order to:
  • investigate trends, impacts and correlations of innovation inside all areas of the supply-chain
  • analyze changes and benefits in adopting new supply-chain models
  • facilitate the implementation of innovation inside supply-chains
  • study correlations between innovation, supply-chains integration and economics growth
Supply Chain Innovation Hub
Supply Chain INNOVATION Hub is a cross-functional and cross-sectoral hub, open to all supply-chain practitioners interested in innovation, on the assumption that innovation inside a specific function or industry has impacts inside both the entire supply-chain of its company and the related sectors and industries.

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If you are a Communication Agency or a PR consultant, SCM Portal, as independent platform, has developed special offers to help your customers' communication needs and to support your activity.

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& HR Managers

If you are a Recruiter or an HR Manager interested in publishing your supply-chain vacancies, SCM Portal has developed special offers to support your recruiting process at local and global level.

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Media Partnership

SCM Portal encourage and promote
media partnerships.
If you are an Event Organizer or an Association
and you would like to have your events promoted through SCM Portal you can ask for a media partnership.

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