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SCM Portal How it works SCM Portal for Content Providers

How it works

SCM Portal is structured by Country Platforms and Content Areas in order to offer Supply-chain practitioners and professional the most up-to-date information in an organic way.

Platform system

Country Platform refers to information and activities proposed to you by SCM Portal, according to the selected country.
bulb At any time, you can change the Country Platform to explore other countries. This option is useful especially when you are abroad and you want to be informed about upcoming activities in your own country. Moreover, if you are connected to the Internet through your company's VPN or you are surfing on the Internet using an app from your tablet or smartphone, this option can help you getting the right information despite the way by which you are connected to the Internet.

SCM Portal's official language is English. Some Country Platforms may be presented in local language in order to respect local use and culture. Country Platform and Platform Language are independent from each other. You can change both of them at any time.
bulb Please note that Country Platform and Platform Language do not affect your content search inside Content Areas.
Local Platforms are SCM Portal servers located in several countries in order to better answer local needs. Our network is expanding every month, allowing companies to better perform their cross-country communication strategies.

Newsletter system

From Weekly Update ...

The newsletter Weekly Update is the weekly newsletter sent to SCM Portal subscribers and intended to keep practitioners and professionals informed of all weekly updates on each Content Area (documents, whitepapers, case studies, job opportunities, ...) and upcoming events and education programs according to their country selected during the subscription process.

... to Content DEM series...

The newsletter Content DEM is a special content newsletter sent to subscribers on behalf of content providers. There are 3 series, depending on the content:

... to Macroeconomic Trends newsletter

The Macroeconomic Trends newsletter is a monthly newsletter aimed at keeping SCM Portal subscribers informed on macroeconomic trends according to their country.

The section of SCM Portal is intended to give practitioners and professionals an overview of Macroeconomic Trends by country, including the most relevant suppply-chain indices, on the assumption that

... No business decision can be taken
without knowing where the market is going to...


Content Provider


Communication Agencies
& PR Consultants

If you are a Communication Agency or a PR consultant, SCM Portal, as independent platform, has developed special offers to help your customers' communication needs and to support your activity.

For more information:


& HR Managers

If you are a Recruiter or an HR Manager interested in publishing your supply-chain vacancies, SCM Portal has developed special offers to support your recruiting process at local and global level.

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Media Partnership

SCM Portal encourage and promote
media partnerships.
If you are an Event Organizer or an Association
and you would like to have your events promoted through SCM Portal you can ask for a media partnership.

For more information:
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