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The sales and operations planning journey: Starting off on the right foot

S&OP journeyLast week I attended the IBF Business Planning, Forecasting & S&OP: Best Practices Conference in Orlando, Florida. If you’re involved in your company’s sales & operations planning processes and you haven’t heard of the IBF, stop reading now and go check them out here! These guys bring supply chain rookies and the best-of-the-best together to talk forecasting and S&OP in a variety of different forums throughout the year.

This year’s conference was a great opportunity for me to talk with demand planners and other supply chain practitioners about their S&OP journey, and the common pitfalls along the way.

A big theme of the conference this year was that to be effective with S&OP, it’s important to focus on three pillars of success:

  1. People – It’s important to continually invest in your people to generate a competitive advantage because you rely on them to be the care-takers of your supply chain.
  2. Processes – Best practices in supply chain are continually evolving, but you likely face unique challenges in your business that require innovative solutions.
  3. Technology (enabler) – It’s tough to compete against your competitors’ supply chains without an advanced analytics tool designed to enable the S&OP process.

I couldn’t agree more, as today’s supply chains are only as good as their weakest link. However, there was a sub-theme I

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15 Dec 2017
Gerenciamento de operações: Projeto de Processos e 4Vs

Gestores de grandes empresas estão acostumados com o gerenciamento de projetos em seu dia-a-dia, seja na aquisição de novos sistemas, contratação de recursos humanos, alterações de processos, mudanças de estrutura física, compra de novos

Henrique Alvarenga

07 Dec 2017
Acompanhando a performance do processo de entrega

Do ponto de vista do cliente, a entrega de um produto é percebida como uma última etapa da compra e muitas vezes ele não tem a dimensão da complexidade que esse processo tem. No caso de qualquer atraso ou dificuldade, o cliente acaba culpando o transporte pelo problema, q

Beatris Huber

05 Dec 2017
TrinityRail ditches operational forecasting, gains sense and respond supply chain

Supply chain management without an operational forecast – is it possible? Yes. Yes it is. At least if you’re one of the world’s largest providers of railcar services and products. TrinityRail, part of Trinity Industries, Inc., ditched operational forecasting in favor of a sense

Alexa Cheater, Product Marketing Manager

30 Nov 2017
Forecasting and demand management for new events using machine-learning algorithm

What does a machine-learning (ML) algorithm have to do with the Super Bowl? When it comes to forecasting and demand management, a lot. Consider this: According to the National Retail Federation, approximately 189 million people watched Super Bowl LI, and viewers spent an average of $82.19 on e

Iman Niroomand

30 Nov 2017
Por que é tão importante ter um sistema WMS que ofereça upgrades simplificados?

  Como você já deve saber, o mercado está saturado de sistemas WMS de logística (Warehouse Management System) genéricos, que são pouco flexíveis, nada versáteis e extremamente engessados. Além disso, muitos executivos acabam a


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Last update 1 Dec 2017
November PMI signals robust manufacturing growth
   Source: Markit US Manufacturing PMI ™  -  IHS Markit
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